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Griz's Den


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My Favorite Computer Hobby!

Red Baron

Probably my favorite computer hobby over the past few years has been the program, Microsoft Flight Simulator. I have graduated over the years as the versions improved and am now flying aircraft all over the world in FS 2000 Professional Edition!

Piper & Blimp

Saying Hi to Bill Gates in the Microsoft blimp from my Piper Cub at Chicago!

Piper landing!

From the cockpit of the same Cub, coming in to land!

I still most enjoy flying the small single and twin engine prop planes!

Below you can see me in the Griz001 Cessna 182RG (Retractable Gear) plane, taking off at Meigs Field in Chicago!



Gear down, coming in for a landing!

Here's Lookin' At You!

Same Cessna, Different Angle



You GUYS like my passenger???

Jet #1

Jet #2

Couple of Pics of "The Griz" flying a jet!